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Be your own boss, invest now in Online trading

  • Author : Steven
  • Published : June 26, 2020


In Online trading, trading of stocks through an online platform/medium takes place. The reliability factor of the trading platform results in higher performance and ultimately results in high profits. So that the trader does not face any problems regarding Online stocks trading. The portals lead to the trading of various financial entities such as mutual funds, equities, and commodities.


How to trade online:

For online trading, you need to select the best stock broker for you. A stockbroker is simply a person who is licensed to trade with the stocks through the exchange. A broker provides the trading platform or trading apps to simplify your trading strategies and lets you trade efficiently.

An exchange is a warehouse wherein people buy stocks and sell them. A person or a computer must match each buy order to a unique and reliable sell order, and vice versa. Some exchanges work like auction on an actual trading floor where the last standing bid gets the stock, and others simply match buyers to the sellers electronically.


The success story of Vijay:


Born in the family of stock-brokers, Vijay Kedia entered the career of the stock market in 1978 not for the sake of himself but of compulsion as his father died. So, to earn the bread and butter for his family, he joined the family business of stock-broking and Trading. Initially, he didn’t do well. But, he never lost hope and read the inspiring stories of successful investors.

He then decided to switch to investing. He started learning the fundamentals of companies and started improving himself. Owned Rs 35,000 at that time and by his study, he invested the entire amount in a stock named Punjab Tractor. In 3 years, the stock multiplied 6 times and his Rs 35,000 grew into a massive amount of Rs. 2.1 Lakhs.

Thereafter, he invested in ACC at a rate of Rs. 300. After one year, the stock multiplied by 10 times and moved to Rs. 3,000 in the second year. He went on to make many successful investments in various stocks and created a wealth of Rs. 500 crores. His biggest success mantra is ‘knowledge to find out the quality stocks which one can acquire only through reading.

If one doesn’t like to read, he/ she cannot be a good investor.’ Vijay Kedia is investing now on Everest Industries and Vaibhav Global as multibagger stocks for 2018. This is the success story of Mr Kedia which continues to inspire most of the investors to date. This story is an example of how huge the benefits can be in online trading.


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