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CLICK AND WIN: Know About This Grand Prize-Winning Contest

  • Author : Kate
  • Published : July 08, 2020

A wise person never loses out on the opportunity. And OMG Sweeps presents you with a mind-blowing chance to win $50,000 instantly. You do not even need knowledge in rocket science nor fight great contestants for it. Eager to learn about this awe-inducing offer, jump right into this article then.

A Tit-Bit About the OMG Sweeps Site That Is Offering This Contest;

OMG Sweeps contest works on and is supported by advertisements. Any third-party advertisers that opt the services of the OMG Sweeps are privy to your information provided you consent to this. And just for looking at a marketing mail from these advertisers, you win amazing prizes.

So, lay back, browse through your emails once in a while and become the millionaire that everyone dreams of being.

About the Contest:

The $50000 Grand Prize contest is entirely free, this means no purchase is necessary to play or to win in this contest. All you need to be is a resident of the United States and the District of Columbia above the age of 18 years. This contest is sponsored by the company WhatIf Holdings.LLC. For detailed information about the contest rules and guides, click here.

How to Enter the winningContest?

Now that you get acquainted with the company and contest, you must be excited to enter the contest. Let’s learn about the process of it then;

Click here and fill in the registration form. All you need to fill are your correct name and email address for registration.

Or enter using the offer link here, and follow the same procedure as above.

And after that, click on the verification mail that will be sent to your email address and you have now successfully entered the contest.

The steps after this are all the responsibility of the company You are assigned an 8-digit encrypted entry number, EEN for short randomly. And if your EEN matches the pre-selected random number, viola! You bagged the $50,000 cash prize.

And you can claim your win, either as a prize worth $50,000 or in the form of a check with $50,000 payable amount. So, hurry, the promotional period ends on 31st July 2020 or if the criteria of 1,500,000 as the maximum number of contestants has been fulfilled.

And what’s more, is that a weekly win worthy of $100 will be selected over the time frame of the promotional period wherever applicable by choosing a random EEN. If you are the winner of this weekly bonanza, you will be notified through email within thirty days of selection. Of course, then you will be verified for your eligibility and can then claim your prize.

omg-sweeps-1080x675Why Enter “OMG Sweeps” Contest?

The simplest method of earning money has manifested into this OMG Sweeps $50,000 Grand Prize contest. And the process is straightforward, just fill in your details of the name and email address and accept a few marketing messages. The company fulfils its role of a marketer, and you win cash prizes just for being part of it. Isn’t it a win-win scenario?

Do not hesitate further and bag this opportunity to unleash your repressed desires. Be it buying a house or paying off a mortgage to your dream home, being the owner of a luxurious car or simply taking your family to a vacation, make them come true by following the link here.

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