Cryptocurrency the dawn of a future economy

Cryptocurrency: The dawn of a future economy

  • Author : john mark
  • Published : June 25, 2020

Investment and trading have and become a crucial part of many people’s lives for years now. Furthermore, the boom of the internet has made the trading process quite comfortable and straightforward. Now online trading is one of the best hobbies and a full-time profession for many individuals in developed countries. There is a lot
to know about online trading, here in this guide you will know about Cryptocurrency and the reason for becoming a global economic system.

Cryptocurrency trading

Cryptocurrency is mainly an internet-based medium of exchange that employs some cryptographical functions for all the financial transactions. It uses blockchain technology for immutability and transparency. You can trade Cryptocurrency between two parties through private and public keys. The trading seeks a negligible processing fee and need not pay steep transaction charges.


How cryptocurrency market functions


cryptocurrency market

Cryptocurrency trading is completely decentralized, so it has not any influence on the government or central body. It only requires a set of computers, and you can trade through CFD or exchange and store in the wallets, or a shared digital record or else on a blockchain.  You can send your cryptocurrency units to another user's digital wallet only but only after verified mining


Factors influence the price of Cryptocurrency


influence the price of Cryptocurrency


As we said, cryptocurrencies are free from any economic or political apprehensions due to its decentralized aspect. Still, the market fluctuates with supply and demand. Here are some of the factors that influence its price.

Supply & Demand

Supply and demand are all about the total numbers of coins get releases, trades and gets destroyed periodically. Market Capitalisation Market capitalization is the value of available currencies and traders understanding of this development. So you have to keep an eye on market capitalization for a profitable trading.


Integration is the level up to which a cryptocurrency can fit into existing infrastructure.

Key events

Regular updates on Cryptocurrency, any advancement in this virtual currency and last but not the least, some economic setbacks are the part of critical events. All these things play a crucial role in determining the price. Such events and news can increase or decrease the demand of cryptocurrency and defines its price.



 The market of Cryptocurrency is too much volatile, and it is rightly a risky investment. Still, it is worth-taking due to the success stories you listen day by day. It is evident that not everyone becomes rich with cryptos, but who knows you would not be! Roach’s story is quite inspiring; he becomes a legend within ten years by trying his luck with Cryptocurrency. At the outset, he invested his money on 5000 bitcoins and did not look back for once until the whole media house cover him as a new millionaire in the city. Within a few years, his wallet got filled with $300,000, and his joy had no bound. So it’s all about taking the right decision in the right time to manifold your investment and who knows! You could be the next millionaire.


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