Cryptocurrency The Dawn of a New Economy

Cryptocurrency: The Dawn of a New Economy

  • Author : Flora
  • Published : June 29, 2020


Cryptocurrency can be defined as a peer to peer electronic cash system. The cash lies virtually in a database as entries. It makes use  of the safe and secure cryptographic functions to ensure that the financial transactions are initiated and conducted through the medium of the internet in a prudent way.

One of the prime things about Cryptocurrencies is that they do not involve any middlemen, the exchange happens between the buyer and the seller with an end to end encryption. There is no third party interference with respect to the exchange of cryptocurrency. Only the people within the network can access this channel through the help of public keys and private keys. Bitcoin is the first form of cryptocurrency and remains to be the most used form of the virtual currency.

Cryptocurrency mining is the act where the complex cryptographic puzzles are solved in order that building blocks are formed. This goes along with the model of building blocks adopted by cryptocurrency so as to trace every transaction made with that particular currency. The act of mining is done in order that not one party either the buyer or the seller has more authority over the exchange than the other.


Online trading and how it works

Online trading is a major part of cryptocurrency. It is a digital coin that is only present in the form of data. It doesn’t have a physical shape, it cannot be hand held or stored in a safe. It is designed so that the digital cash is to be transferred between two people via the exchange of virtual transactions.

When you own cryptocurrency, it means that you are in possession of a set of data after meeting the requisite conditions. It is also the fact that every bitcoin owned by an individual on the platform is acknowledged by every other entity present on the platform that the bitcoin in question is indeed owned by a certain individual.

Through the mining process, every transaction that happens on the network of cryptocurrency is made sure that it is verified. When the virtual cash is transferred from one wallet to the other, the miners involved in the mining process make use of the processing power of computers to acknowledge and verify the happening transaction by maintaining the block chain.

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Pros of Online Trading

There are several benefits that come with Cryptocurrency and its online trading. Some of them are

  • One of the prime advantages of cryptocurrency is that it can be conducted with as low a manpower as two. There is no need for middlemen
  • The transactions are done in an instance. There is no wait time as is the case with credit cards or debit cards
  • International trade is carried out with no restrictions to barriers or boundaries
  • There is no feature of a chargeback like in the bank payments in regards to cryptocurrency. This in turn eliminates fraud participation
  • With the rapid increase in new customers, it is a way of getting ahead of time and ahead of competitors

All these factors indicate that there has never been a better time to invest in cryptocurrency. It is the way forward to the modern economy.


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