Song Yoo-Jung

K-Drama Actress and Model, Song Yoo-Jung, Dies at 26

  • Author : Jasmine
  • Published : January 29, 2021

While the South Korean entertainment industry is currently enjoying global attention due to its versatile talent, Song Yoo-Jung ‘s death has left everyone in shock. It is one of the most depressive events at the beginning of the year, as the K-drama star dies at a very young age of 26. 

Song Yoo-Jung’s demise attracted much attention as the news of her death was suddenly notified by her Label Agency, Sublime Agency, through an Instagram post. The actress died on January 23, 2021, and the news came to public domain two days after her death, i.e., on January 25, 2021. 

Sublime Agency shared in the post that Yoo-Jung was a friend who always spread happiness and cheers with her everlasting smile and was an actress who acted with a passion bigger than anyone. 

The management company further added that it was a sudden death and the funeral was held quietly on January 25, without notifying the media as per the request of her family. Thought the reason for the 26-year-old actress is not revealed yet, many are speculating the situation and calling it death by suicide. 

Song Yoo-Jung was a model, actor, and appeared in one of the most famous Kpop boy bands iKON’s music video Goodbye Road. She started her career as a cosmetic model at the age of 20 with commercials for Estee Lauder skincare products. She also starred in the commercials of ice cream franchise Baskin-Robbins. 

Her first K-drama appeared in 2013, Golden Rainbow under MBC. Song Yoo-Jung also starred in the drama Make Your Wish the following year, in 2014, and School 2017, 2017. Her last work was Dear My Name, a web series released in 2019. Apart from acting and modelling, she had stood and helped people with disabilities and was also the ambassador of South Korean social welfare corporation Warm Accompaniment. 

Apart from Song, the South Korean entertainment industry has lost various other renowned artists previously. Some wrote about the unfavourable circumstances created by the management agency, and some cried for social media hate comments of fans, and some added other reasons on their suicide note. There were other stars, too, who did not reveal their reasons to take their ultimate departure. Here is a list of South Korean artists who departed before their fated time:

Kim Jonghyun

Famous as Jonghyun from one of the most successful boy bands of SM Entertainment, SHINee, committed suicide in December 2017 at the age of 27. 

Tany or Kim Jin-soo

Famous as Tany, Kim Jin-soo, was a solo K-pop star. He became famous with his song “Always Remember” in 2016. His demise was a tragic event as he was driving accompanied by another person at 2:30 in the morning on, and he collided with a “structure.” The incident took place on April 14, 2018. Tany died at 22 due to this accident, just a few months before his first album was about to drop. 

Choi Jin-Ri

Known as Sulli, a professional singer, actress, and model were found dead at her home at 25, in October 2019. Sulli was a famous member of 5 member K-pop girl group f(x). 

Go Soo Jung

Starred in one of the most renowned mythical Korean Dramas, Goblin, Go Soo Jung, left the world on February 7, 2020, at 24. Her reason for death was stated as a chronic, unspecified illness.

Oh In Hye

Found unconscious in her apartment and when taken to hospital, Oh In Hye was declared dead on September 14, 2020, at 34. As per reports, the reason for death was suicide. The actress had starred in various famous movies like A Journey with Korean Masters, Sin of a Family, and Eating, Talking, Faucking.

Cha In-ha

Char In-Ha died at the age of 27 in December 2019, and his death reason was never revealed. His famous works are The Banker, Temperature of Love, and Clean with Passion for Now. 


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