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Online Dating: Swipe-Right to Find Your Perfect Partner

  • Author : Kate
  • Published : July 17, 2020

Dating is a trend almost everyone has tried their hands in, a norm where you meet someone with the hope that you will find your ideal partner in them. Whether you are looking for your prince charming, or the woman of your dreams, people want to find a perfect partner. Meeting up in a bar, going out for fancy dinners and shopping, watching movies together, camping, etc are what every couple wishes for. But gone are the days when fate played a role, and people just stumbled upon their better halves walking down the street, in a library or cafés. Now, Modern dating scenario is all about online dating and meeting people virtually.

Online dating apps offer their users convenient ways to meet people online and connect. Meanwhile, technology and digitization have opened avenues for virtual reality apps. Now AI is your new dating assistant instead of your friends and family. Yes, you read that right. Sounds a bit silly, but there are thousands of online dating websites which claim to find you your ideal date in just a few clicks. Can dating be any easier?

According to some reports and surveys are done by popular dating websites, every third person is dating online. Most of them are singles in their 20s, but it would be completely wrong to say that it is less popular amongst teenagers. Many people agree that it is a fun way to meet like-minded people, but for some, it is just a lame replacement of the much conventional traditional form of dating and real relationships.

online-dating-stock-growth-552x390Why is online dating gaining popularity?

Website and apps market has witnessed tremendous growth in the number of dating apps and websites over the last decade. Now people, because of their busy work schedules, prefer the “swipe-right-to-like” approach over the traditional way of meeting their partners through family, friends or coworkers. But there are many reasons as to why online dating is gaining so much popularity. Some of them being:

  • Lack of time: With a 9-5 job, it is nearly impossible to find time to catch up with friends and visit public places, which decreases the probability of meeting new people and making friends. So, finding a date and handling work pressure doesn’t lie on the same page for most people.
  • You get to choose: Online dating sites have thousands of profiles with different preferences and attributes which gives a vast majority to choose from. So, chances of finding someone with all the qualities you always wanted to see in your ideal partner is more comfortable online than finding them in some bar or cafe!
  • The trendy online approach: Digital technology has revolutionized the way we live. Want to shop? Install a shopping app. Want to talk to friends? Text. Want to meet new people? Join social media. So why will dating stay away from making a place in this fashion? Now if you’re going to date, create a profile on a dating website.

So, Join Cindy Matches to find your ideal date!

7830Amongst the many websites and apps present on the web, Cindy Matches is the best. You have to create a profile, and the Artificial Intelligence-based platform will find your perfect match and inform you through mails daily! Follow our step-by-step guide to creating your profile now:

  • Click on the link. This link will redirect you to the signup page.
  • Enter your email address and password. Click next.
  • A verification email will be sent. Click on the link present in the mail to complete verification.
  • You will be redirected to the create profile page. Enter your Full Name, Age, Gender, write a detailed description about yourself and upload a picture.
  • Click on save preferences.

Your profile is now ready. You can swipe through the profiles of millions of people and find your match. Else, the advanced Artificial Intelligence algorithm of the website will do it for you. So, Join and swipe. Begin your new dating adventure.

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