Online Trading is

Online Trading is…

  • Author : john mark
  • Published : June 29, 2020

An act of buying and selling of financial products in an online platform. This service is enabled via various stock trading platforms which are provided online. A broker is someone who is licensed to trade stocks through an exchange, charging a commission for the same. You need not be a professional to trade stocks, online trading is simple. You need to find a broker and trustworthy trading platforms to work on.

Having an online trading account makes everything simple for you in the field of online trading. You can trade your stocks whenever and wherever you like and at your own convenience. The investment market is growing in a drastic manner. Almost 1 in every 7 people turns out to be an investor. That being said, let us look at a real-life example of an online trading tycoon for some inspiration.


The life of George Evans:

George Evans is a Bakery owner in the city of Charlotte, North Carolina. He is a very much successful business and his bakery is known for good quality and express delivery. All his customers were very positive regarding Mr Evans bakery but the only problem they had was the number of outlets.

Evans Bakes had only one branch an that too in the Charlotte countryside county and most of his customers had to come all the way from downtown. They were worried about the distance they had to travel. So most of them requested a branch of Evans Bakes in downtown. But Mr Evans did not have enough capital to invest in a new branch. Mr Evans decided to earn some lumpsum investment through any means. He had some stocks in his online trading account which were of absolutely no value right now. He invested his 1-month profits into buying some bitcoins and he then waited for the right time. The trading platform notified whenever there is a hike in the price of bitcoin.



As per the suggestions of that platform, he sold those bitcoins for a whacking amount and got huge profits. He then bought some stocks of a pharmaceutical company and to his utter luck, that pharmaceutical company had a breakthrough in discovering a medicine and it suddenly rose to the top in the stock market.

Mr Evans then sold his stocks for a huge amount. He almost had 7 times the amount he invested in the stocks by the time he sold the stocks. This story gives us some insight into how well online trading can workout if done on the right platform and also how well guts can lead a person into good fortune. As a conclusive note, I would like to suggest online trading to all those who desire short time profits.


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