Are You in Need of a College Grant

Are You in Need of a College Grant? Then This Is for You

  • Author : Jasmine
  • Published : August 04, 2020

Scholarships and Grant Opportunities for College Students

Getting into college soon? It’s time to open your wallet wide. But that’s where the problem lies. Are You in Need of a Scholarship and College Grant? Then This Is for You. In reality, funding your college or university education needs much planning in advance, as it tends to be very costly in the United States.

Building a career is of utmost importance. Hence, enrolling in the right course or college is priority.

And, that can be fulfilled only with access to quality education, which can burn a hole in your pocket. Not to forget the program requirements that you need to fulfill.  So, this article is about Scholarships and Grant Opportunities for College Students. 

If you need financial aid, look for the right opportunities and institutions, then this can help you.

access to quality education

Grants Are a Beacon of Hope:

Grants or financial aid is the best facility available for those who are not able to fund their college programs in full or partially. In the United States, there are numerous types of grants available, depending on the need. This could be a federal grant, state grant, or even grants from corporate organizations and other private enterprises.

A student can avail college grants mainly on two criteria, i.e. need-based or merit-based. Some of the need-based groups are disabled students, foster care kids, veterans and national guard members, those students from under-represented communities, etc. Grants on the basis of merit are for those with exceptional academics in low-income student groups.

quality education

Federal grants are the most significant source of college grants. You need to apply in time to be considered for the grant. Your application goes through rigorous scrutiny based on the information you give in the grant request form called FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid).

The main factors considered in the scrutiny are Expected. Family Contribution, size of family, parents’ income and size of the family. If you’re really in need of financial aid, there are many grant options available, provided you apply on time and are clear on the details. You don’t have to repay the grants you may get.

Popular Grants:

  1. The Pell grant is the most popular federal grant up to $5500 per academic year.
  2. The FSEOG (Federal Supplemental Education Opportunity Grant) is a supplementary aid program for those with extreme financial difficulties.
  3. ACG (Academic Competitiveness Grant) and National SMART Grant are merit grants that require students to be Pell Grant recipients.
  4. Other federal grants which have mandatory service requirements for a few years post the completion of the course, such as TEACH, Nursing grants, etc.


All you have to do is be updated about the various grants and apply on time.

Annie Gets a Grant to Pursue Her Life-Sciences Program:

Annie had always wanted to pursue a career in life-sciences. Moreover, she wanted to study at the best college in Montana, where she lived. But funding was the issue. Her parents earned enough only to pay half of her tuition fee. Annie desperately needed the grant to fulfill her ambition. She came across College Grant. It is a portal that would match student requirements with colleges that fulfill their academic needs and provide grants.

career in life-sciences

Additionally, she filled up the form available on the website which asked her basic and important questions about her herself and academic interests. Based on the information she submitted, college Grant provided her with a list of few colleges likewise where she could probably study with a grant. Annie applied to these colleges as well as the Pell grant. She was lucky enough to be selected for the grant and get, in fact, multiple admission offers. Annie didn’t have to worry any further about funding her education.

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