Sports is a powerful influencer

Sports as a Medium of Motivation and Social Work

  • Author : Victor
  • Published : August 18, 2020

Sport is a powerful influencer. Any sport has a lot of followers irrespective of country and game. This massive following can be helpful to make some good to society. Such an endeavour was taken up by the Ekam World Peace Festival.

What Is the Ekam World Peace Festival?

Ekam World Peace festival created or launched by Shri Preethaji and Shri Krishnaji, the mystic philosophers. This 7-day festival where thousands of families, organizations, and individuals gather and search inner peace.


This year the festival collaborated with world-class sportspersons to utilize their world-wide following to reach a wider audience. Apt to the chosen focus of the philosophy of women equality in this society, sessions were organized between participants and famous women sportspersons, in cricket, the Indian women’s cricket team captain Mithali Raj and the Olympic medalist Saina Nehwal.

Topics Chosen By These Fantastic Sports-Women:

The disparity between gender is more evident in the sports arena. Not only in getting an opportunity but also from the side of the audience in their reception. Facing such challenges in real life and also overcoming them with persistence and passion, both Mithali Raj and Saina Nehwal speak about their experiences.


Also touching the point of discussion, these sportswomen speak out on the increasing domestic violence and their quest to end it and to the nurturing of love and respect towards this discriminated gender.

Mithali joined the morning session and Saina joined the evening session for this extraordinary meditating session for relieving stress and promoting healthy discussions.

Why Is Sports the Right Medium for Such a Contrasting Stage?

Sport is a powerful influencer. Meditation and Sports are seemingly poles apart. So how does the Ekam festival bring these two together successfully? The not so secret factor lies in the characteristics they share, such as immense passion, dedication and razor-sharp focus.

Directing these inherent qualities to bring about social welfare and combining them with the influence of sports as a medium of change is a recipe for success. And what better influencers for a topic such as this “Reducing Domestic Violence on women and nurturing love and respect for towards women” than those who have not only faced but also stood up to the discrimination and emerged as the top stars in their respective sports fields.

Sports fans are somewhat loyal to a game than a person. This quality of the sports audience results in a substantial and diversified set of individuals who soak up the best from their favourite sports stars and carry the torch forward.

This is why Ekam has chosen Mithali Raj to bring together and create awareness among the vast cricket fan base. The Olympic medalist in Badminton Saina Nehwal to not only reach the badminton enthusiasts but also those who follow Olympics.


In conclusion, all that encompasses Ekam was reflected in the words of Saina Nehwal, “It gives me immense pleasure to motivate sportswomen in India. I am happy to see women taking different sports and winning medals for India.

If I can do it, then anyone can do it too. You need dedication, honesty, discipline, passion and self-belief to achieve what you want in your life.”

Gender is but a part of life but is not the definition of it. We can achieve peace only when we resolve such mindless conflicts.

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