Tips for Trading Cryptocurrencies

Three Tips for Trading Cryptocurrencies

  • Author : Jasmine
  • Published : July 22, 2020

Three Tips for Trading Cryptocurrencies:

With the world facing a significant economic crisis, everyone is trying to cryptocurrency. The Bitcoin and cryptocurrency business sees a promising outlook for 2020. With unique features like decentralized management, transparency, and independence from government protocols (indirectly the corruption & conspiracies of government dynamics), cryptocurrencies have emerged as a haven. Here I am explaining main tips for Trading Cryptocurrencies.

Trading in cryptocurrency is a lucrative option despite its risks. This is because the rewards are much worthier and deserving of the risks undertaken. And trading by its nature strives on risks and rewards. Therefore, cryptocurrency trading is the best option since in the trading world cryptocurrencies are known as “Digital Gold”.

What is Cryptocurrency?

1_sYtkaLlHVDkNljE9lAb60gCryptocurrency is as the name suggests digital money. Run by a secure and decentralized network called blockchain, cryptocurrencies are digital memory that acts as currency. Any transaction is carried out after a cryptogram, or a puzzle is solved to authenticate or verify the transaction. This is how transparency and freedom from third-party meddling are achieved in cryptocurrency.

Advantages of trading in cryptocurrency:

  • Benefit from the volatile nature of cryptocurrency. This gives an opportunity of making huge profits due to the ups and downs of this relatively new financial medium in the market.
  • The flexibility of cryptocurrency in terms of time. Since there is no one governing authority in cryptocurrency, there is no closing time per se for cryptocurrency transactions & trading. Thus, you are free to trade 24X7.
  • High liquidity of the cryptocurrency.
  • No third-party meddling and as a result of this, low fees on transactions due to direct exchanges.


Tips to Trade in Cryptocurrency;

1. imagesResearch cryptocurrencies:

This is not a step exclusive to cryptocurrencies but one that does require a relatively much extensive research owing to cryptocurrency’s young age in the market. This initial step helps in understanding the cryptocurrency market better and look beyond what things seem to be.

For example, in 2018, bitcoin’s price spiked, then investors and traders were quick to sell off their shares. However, they failed to research on the market potential of cryptocurrencies.


2. Diversify your assets:

In cryptocurrency trading, assets are the cryptocurrency you hold in your internet wallet. The volatile nature of cryptocurrencies makes it as difficult as it is easy to make profits. And you can solve this issue by investing in several cryptocurrencies.

You will not have a problem following this simple tip, with numerous cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, etc. in the market. It is an effective strategy since the loss of value of one means again in the value of another and vice-versa.

3. bitcoinDo not fall victim to the seemingly low price of a cryptocurrency:

Do not invest or buy a cryptocurrency simply because their price is low in comparison to others. What you should bank upon  is the market cap of the cryptocurrency. And not the unpredictable and constantly changing price of the cryptocurrency.

The higher the market cap of a cryptocurrency, the more lucrative it is to invest in it. This point can be proved by the effective formula for calculating the value of an asset not only of cryptocurrency but also the conventional stock values which is, Current Market Price X Total Number of Outstanding Shares.

This means that a coin at €10 with a million shares is worth the same as another with a price of €100 with 1,00,000 shares. So don’t fall into the trap of low price. Think wisely.

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