Types of Cryptocurrency Trading

Types of Cryptocurrency Trading

  • Author : john mark
  • Published : June 26, 2020

Before jumping into the cryptocurrency market, it is quite apparent to understand its basics, functions and all the potential benefits and risks. An in-depth knowledge helps you trade securely and know-how on the best time to buy and what to buy and what to sell. Moreover, the volatility of the cryptocurrency market urges you to research more right before making your investment. Let’s discuss the types of cryptocurrency trading.


Short-term trading

In this type of trading,you can buy a specific cryptocurrency and hold it for a limited period like for some minutes, hours or even for some months. If you think a particular virtual currency will rise for a short period, then you can buy that through short-term trading. You can sell the same after making a good profit before the price drops. Short-term trading offers you a great platform to accumulate high percentage profit. In this, your investment can go double overnight as well. It also provides you with better opportunities to make profit and thanks to large trading volumes; you can find a seller or buyer.

Long-term Trading

Long-term trading in cryptocurrency investment is all about holding your currency for more than one year or more. The critical significance of trading in the long-term is to avoid usual volatility and count the profit in a large amount.    Long-term trading is easier for trading as compared to short-term trading, and it requires very less time for trading. Furthermore, for long-term trading, you need to grasp extensive skills and complex trading charts. You only have to choose the best coin and hold it for the long term.

In long-term trading, you don’t have to spend much of time on checking the price periodically and check the ups and downs. It only asks you to wait and wait after making the investment. For long-term trading, you do not have to accumulate lots of money for the investment. You can start with a small amount and put your spare money from time to time and let it grow. Last but not the least a long-term trading offers you a peace of mind and allows you to get rid of all the stresses due to volatility.

It is quite right that you can only make a profit and make your luck only when you come out from the comfort zone and ready to take risks and chances. Things are quite similar for cryptocurrency trading. If you have the guts to handle risks and you have the skills to live up to the prospects, then only you can count the benefits.



Saransh has invested in cryptocurrency and changed his lifestyle:

Cryptocurrency trading is not everybody’s cup of tea; it requires lots of determination, patience, skills and the right amount for investment. Saransh, a 29-year-old guy had the obsession and confidence and money for trading on cryptocurrency. But he was completely unaware of where to start and how to start at the outset.

There came YouTube videos and primarily some beginners guides to hi9s rescue, and he grasped basic knowledge on trading. Being a travel professional, he had a healthy amount for the investment, and he had the spirits to face the volatility of the market.

In the beginning, he had invested some $2000 as a long-term investment, and after five years when he made his mind to cash out its value was $19000. Now he is running his own travel destination management company and enjoying a luxurious life.


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