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Wanna earn millions by just investing $250? Then this is for you…

  • Author : Steven
  • Published : June 26, 2020


Online trading is an art of buying and selling of products and stocks on the web. This is like any other trading, except, the process takes place through a virtual medium. Online trading may include trading of stocks, bonds and other financial securities.

Online trading can be done through a brokerage firm. Here the person who invests does not have to meet the broker directly. Everything is managed on the internet. These online trading platforms are provided by the brokerage firms for everyone who wants to perform online trading financial securities.

Online trading comprises of 3 major components, which are:

  1. Trader: The person holding a trading account and wishes to trade/invest funds into online trading.
  2. Trading platform:The online platform use for communications like selecting stocks exchange to buy or sell.
  3. Broking Advisor:The financial advisor provided by the brokerage firm.

The communication between the above three components leads to online trading.


Success of Jonathan Pruitt:


Mr. Jonathan Pruitt is a school teacher in Ohio, USA. He was a bachelor and had no responsibilities in life. He was earning enough for one person and was leading a happy and wealthy life. All that was the same until he got married. He was very happy to be engaged to a woman but also scared of that “lack of money” state he was going to face as he had no savings at all.

With increasing responsibilities, he had to change his lifestyle and had to quit some habits and hobbies too. Even after all this, he was in a state of insufficient funds. He then decided to earn money somehow. Through one of his colleagues, he came across an online trading platform. Mr. Pruitt then decided to try out online trading.

With the guidance of his colleague (who happens to be an expert trader), Mr. Pruitt invested a meagre amount of 50$ on an organisation’s share upon the suggestion of the trading platform. His investments resulted in a profit of 350$ and he got back 400$ for the 50$ he invested. This had induced tons of courage and trust on the trading platform in Mr. Pruitt.



He continued to invest some funds from the month’s savings at the end of every month. He continued to get huge profits and slowly, he resigned as a teacher, and established a coaching centre with a staff of over 200 and 11 branches all over Ohio and surrounding cities.

This is the successful journey of Mr. Pruitt. He now owns one of the leading coaching centres in Ohio and is living happily with his family. You too can be Mr. Pruitt if you have the courage to break the barrier of false rumours regarding online trade and invest money wisely to obtain profits.


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