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You Can Win Gift Cards Worth $500 – Find How

  • Author : Jasmine
  • Published : August 24, 2020

You Can Win Gift Cards Worth $500 – Find How

People win every day at sweepstakes – a gift card, a hamper, a car, a cash prize, etc. The trick is to know how? Sweepstakes are a great way to make some freebies without any effort. All you need is luck. With Christmas just a few months away, brands are trying every possible way to create a buzz in the holiday season. 9997a3f024ba1bfa804a5bd221c46c1fMonthly Sweeps is organizing a free giveaway where lucky winners get a VISA Gift card worth $500. Yes, you read that right. But first, let’s learn what sweepstakes are?

Sweepstakes – Win Gift Cards and Cash Prizes

Sweepstakes is like a contest or lottery where you can win cash prizes and other exciting rewards based on luck. Unlike lotteries, sweepstakes are legitimate. Moreover, you don’t need any skill or qualifications to enter this contest or giveaway. Luck is your key to the golden ticket.

Karen won a PS4 recently in a lucky draw with Monthly Sweeps. You too can leave others green with envy if only you make an effort. 


Many brands and companies organize these sweepstakes online as an effort to widen their market reach and spread consumer awareness. And it surely works. Consumers love a free sample, discounts, rewards and cash prizes. So, all one has to do is enter the contest and take a few surveys. Sweepstakes offer lucrative gifts/rewards that are meant to lure people into participating. If you are lucky, some sweeps also give away grand prizes like cash amount, a car, a house or a vacation. 

Meanwhile, there are also prizes that you can which are on a less grand scale. Tickets to concerts, gift cards, dinners, a yearlong subscription to a brand, etc. Also, Many sweepstakes offer a large amount of money as a grand contest prize. 

Likewise, there are instant win sweepstakes and monthly promotions. The trick to increase your odds of winning in a sweepstakes is to keep entering these contests as much as possible. 

With Monthly Sweeps, you need not look further. You don’t have to purchase anything to enter this giveaway contest. Just answer a few necessary questions about yourself and take a few minutes to fill surveys. It’s that simple. Again. you could fill this form while having a coffee or directly from your cozy couch. VISA Gift card worth $500Who knows – a simple survey contest could earn you a fortune.

Monthly Sweeps is spreading the holiday cheer and giving away multiple VISA Gift Cards worth $500

To Start

  1. Submit your details by filling out a short form
  2. Take surveys and stand a chance to win

Monthly Sweeps sponsor these sweeps. To take part, you have to be above 18 and a US Citizen.

Still, thinking? There’s no reason you should. Grab this opportunity and enter Monthly Sweeps. So, Check the offer link and join. 

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